Announcing Quest Codex

An online academy helping students live more intentional lives

Today, I’m excited to announce my new company, Quest Codex.

Quest Codex is an online academy that teaches the necessary steps for approaching life in a calm, mindful, and intentional way. We accomplish this by helping students reclaim their relationship with technology, drastically improve their sleep, reduce stress, and more.

You can sign up at for free or can continue reading below to learn more.

Why start this company?

Since childhood, I’ve been obsessed with one question: how can I ensure that I live up to my potential? As I’ve grown older, this powerful question has echoed in my mind.

Looking for answers, I read hundreds of books, listened to thousands of hours of podcasts, and conducted countless self-experiments.

What I learned was critical in helping me remain focused, calm, and stress-free while taking my previous company, GrandPad, to over 1 million users in 120+ countries.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen that most people struggle with the same challenges I did: an unhealthy relationship with technology, poor sleep, too much stress, etc. I wanted to share what I learned with them, but there wasn’t a single resource I could point them to.

I ended up recommending an unwieldy number of books, podcasts, tips, and tools for them to sort through themselves.

To overcome this challenge, I started to keep a personal repository of my research to more easily share my findings. However, I was only sharing with the handful of people I knew. I began to desire a way for anyone to access what I’ve learned. That’s when I had the idea to build this company.

Quest Codex is my way of sharing what I’ve learned with the world.

How does it work?

Quest Codex helps individuals make small changes to their lives that have a lasting and powerful impact. We create courses and guides for important topics, like sleep, mindfulness, health, and stress reduction.

The courses are delivered to students via email lessons, which are sent twice per week. Lessons are short and engaging. They only take 10 minutes or less to complete. Each lesson includes a short Single Action - an actionable takeaway that will immediately bring benefits to your life.

What do the lessons look like?

We’ve combined insightful and actionable material with great design. Every lesson is accompanied by a beautiful illustration, which helps visually represent the topic. Think less textbook and more Indiana Jones. We want learning to feel like the adventure it is.

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Here’s a video example of what our lessons look like:

Get Started

You can signup for a Quest Codex course for free at

Our first two courses are:

Have questions? Learn more about Quest Codex in our FAQ.

Support Quest Codex

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Quest Codex is 100% community-funded. If you believe in our mission, you can contribute here: Support Quest Codex. Even $5 a month makes a huge difference.

- Isaac Lien, Founder of Quest Codex