What is "Intentional Living"?

Intentional living is defined as “a lifestyle based on an individual's conscious attempts to live according to their values and beliefs.” Our goal at Quest Codex is to help everyone to establish their values, and then implement simple strategies for making those values the driving force behind their daily lives.

What is an "Examined Life"?

Socrates famously said, "The unexamined life is not worth living.” An examined life requires an inward focus on oneself, and a constant evaluation of one's actions, behaviors, and use of time in accordance with your values. An examined life aims to make sense of what we truly want and where we would like to be.

What does the name "Quest Codex" mean?

We used the words"Quest" and "Codex" because they are ancient words that inspire a sense of adventure, and combine for powerful meaning.

  • Quest: The act of seeking
  • Codex: A collection of knowledge

Together, Quest Codex represents a collection of knowledge for those in pursuit of their potential.

What topics are covered by Quest Codex?

Quest Codex is founded on the idea of addressing the modern obstacles we must confront in order to lead an intentional lifestyle. To do this, we cover a broad range of topics across many different facets of life that are intended to help any willing person thrive.

  • Your Relationship with Technology
  • How to Sleep Effectively
  • Eliminating Stress
  • How to Cultivate Mindfulness
  • And more

How are Quest Codex courses structured?

Courses are divided into two parts: Lessons and Single Actions.

Lessons are short and engaging. They only take 10 minutes or less to complete. Each lesson includes a short Single Action, which serves as an actionable takeaway that brings immediate benefits to your life.


  • Overview: Each lesson will begin by telling you Why the topic is important, How to take action on it, and will give specific instructions on a Single Action to take.
  • Duration: It only takes 10 minutes to read the lesson and complete the Single Action.
  • Cadence: Lessons are delivered to your inbox on Mondays and Fridays.

Single Actions

  • Overview: All courses are action-oriented. Every lesson will end with a Single Action to take based on what you learned.
  • Duration: The Single Action will take only a few minutes to complete, and is a building block for long-term positive changes.
  • Cadence: There will be one Single Action in every lesson, and lessons are sent on Mondays and Fridays.

How was Quest Codex developed?

Quest Codex was created by Isaac Lien, a technology founder and entrepreneur. Isaac developed the idea for Quest Codex as a freshman in college while he was pursuing a Computer Information Systems degree while simultaneously co-founding the tech company GrandPad. In order to effectively prioritize his goals and manage stress, he developed the tools utilized in our courses to remain focused and energized while accomplishing his ambitions and scaling GrandPad to over 1 million users in 120+ countries.

Who is Quest Codex for?

Quest Codex is for any individual wanting to take intentional steps towards living a better life. It’s for people who want to ensure that they spend their time thriving, and living in accordance with their values.

How will Quest Codex help me specifically?

Specifically,  Quest Codex is designed to:

  • Help improve your relationship with technology
  • Improve clarity and focus
  • Teach you how to get great sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Live more mindfully
  • Develop lifelong positive habits

If you are overwhelmed by the constant nagging of your phone, struggle with getting a good night's sleep, or suffer from the common stresses of modern life, Quest Codex is for you.

What if I’m too busy? How much of a time commitment is it?

All of the lessons are quick, insightful, and actionable. Each lesson takes less than ten minutes to complete, and can easily fit into a busy schedule.

How much does it cost?

Quest Codex courses are completely free. Just enter your email below to sign up.

Then how does Quest Codex make money?

Our goal at Quest Codex is to bring educational content for living a more fulfilling life to all. We provide our courses for free, and are supported by our generous patrons.

If you would like to help financially support Quest Codex, click here to learn more about becoming a patron.

Quest Codex will never sell your email address or personal information. Period.

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